About Us

VC Art is dedicated to bringing the art world closer to people. Focusing on contemporary art with a distinctive international twist, VC Art steers clear of the deja vu. We are driven by our unique eye, the authenticity of the art itself and the impact the art has on the observer. Showcasing the work of talented, up-and-coming artists, VC Art offers people something fresh and real.

Pieces that are shaped by emotions and hence embody value and quality. VC Art firmly believes in the connection between the artist, the artwork and the viewer. This philosophy is at the heart of all of VC Art’s shows and forms the base of the selection, procurement and placement of work for our clients.

Vanessa H Clark

Founder/ CEO
Curator & Advisor

I select works that lure me in and keep me interested, ones that will inspire our clients and make the space a reflection of their personality.

In serving the collector, our job is to gain a full understanding of those objectives, including the client’s area of interest, aesthetic taste, and budget requirements. This way, each collection we help build speaks solely with the voice of the collector.

For the collector of contemporary art, the acquisition of new work is an aesthetic and intellectual adventure that records a personal journey. We look forward to helping you on this path to establish a framework for your project’s success.