'What? About you'

  • Exhibition Dates: June 28-30 2013
  • Location: IRIS | An Nahar Building | Downtown | Beirut | Lebanon

We are very excited to present the opening of the exhibition “What? About you”, a solo show by the young Romanian painter Alina Teodorescu (1982) for the first time in the Middle East. The bold figurative works by Alina, who lives and works in London, are an expose of her daily diary, an inner dialogue about releasing frustrations to attain freedom. Transcending boundaries between mediums, we invite you to come in contact with her work inspired by digitalizing a raw personal moment and transforming it to the canvas, paper, and piece. Each visual has been assigned words to capture a singular poetry of her emotions. This blend of text and images give shape to her fragile yet beautiful inner world.

The title of the exhibition ‘What? About you’ has a double meaning. First, it is an invitation for the viewer to discover tools of capturing the spontaneity and the memorable moments that enrich their life, but are usually forgotten. Secondly, these pieces are based on a love story that ended without fulfillment and her imaginary dialogue with him on their lost love.

This series is a silent agitation. It is an observation of feelings and emotions and how they affected the artist. The artwork is a blend of real experiences and unreal situations. For her, the image gives a sense of being there and then disappearing – a very ephemeral experience. While she works with a piece, she sometimes feels as though the composition attempts to fight out the limits of the canvas, paper, or piece.