Poetic Liberation of the Spirit

  • Exhibition Dates: November 19th - 25th, 2014 | 10:30AM - 6:30PM
  • Location: Calken Gallery | 117 Kensington Church St, London W8 7LN

VC ART is delighted to present ‘Poetic Liberation of the Spirit’ – a solo art show for a talented UK artist David Cottingham who graduated from St Martin’s School of Art London, where he studied with William Tucker, Phillip King RA and Sir Anthony Caro.

‘Poetic Liberation of the Spirit’ is an art show aiming at exposing his Landscape and Dance inspired paintings and drawings, which have been exhibited in New York, Chicago, London and Rome. The artwork ranges from the abstract paintings to large figurative, dance-inspired, works on paper. We will be featuring a body of new works titled ‘Broken Hearts’. This work grew out of his interest in color abstraction and mono print techniques. The images are linked by accident and designed to create an evocative duplicity. They are made using inks and acrylics. The shapes created in conjunction with the intense hues can be viewed as a cell of color dividing or separating, mirroring but also being pulled apart. The title ‘Broken Hearts’ symbolizes this moment when a pure action is torn in two, creating more than the sum of its parts. The images are designed to live together and can be framed with different color backgrounds.

“My work is concerned with the two great subjects of art, the human body and the landscape. It draws on many influences from nature to dance, photography, astronomy and music. The abstract paintings are inspired by landscapes, cities, spaces, memories and the emotional power of color and light.

The figurative based works are studies of dance, movement or gesture, inspired by both contemporary and classical dancers. The ‘Dance Drawings’ are real-time studies of dancers, movements or gestures. These works are created with contemporary dancers to celebrate the joy of movement and rhythm. Their aim is to express the essence of the body in motion and transform that into a new visionary form conquering it by their continuous rhythmical steps and gestures, taking their places in space and time.

Art to Cottingham is a reassertion of the true creative force that flows from the earliest cave paintings to the postmodern world. “A desire to communicate universal truths and to get closer to the mystery of life itself.”