Our services are structured into specific client groups enabling us to work seamlessly with you: Private Clients, Pop-up Shows, Hospitality, Architects & Interior Designers, Corporate, Auctions and Fairs.

Private Clients

We help our private clients build and realize their art collections. When you buy art, much of the impetus comes from your own feelings. We believe art is a sector where passion and taste have a central role to play, and buyers should not ignore ‘irrational’ factors such as intuition.

Pop-up Shows

A great way to introduce our clients to new and exciting artists  is via our own curated pop-up shows across the globe. Whether supporting a solo artist, or an exhibition based on a theme, we choose a setup carefully to match the feel of the works. Each show is unique and makes our pop ups one of the best ways to experience buying art you love.


We offer the service of advising, bidding and handling the logistics process for our clients at auctions. This includes extensive due diligence prior to all purchases, balancing the subjective topic of taste versus what we see as having significant growth prospects which would offer our clients the greatest upside.


We are delighted to be showing our talented artists on the exciting platform of art fairs.


We understand the need to create places that people aspire to stay in and we believe that art can add real value by defining the character of a place while increasing the desirability to rest, work and visit.

Architects & Interior Designers

We work with architects and designers to plan and provide art that reinforces brand identity as part of the interior design and that can provide a solution to client needs.


Art is an integral part of creating a motivating and productive environment. The right art can enhance employee satisfaction and reinforce corporate culture. We understand our client’s commercial requirements and business objectives and seek to add value in everything we do.